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2015 Award Presentation | Harry’s Beach Bar. St. Pete Beach

CEO Gregg Nickllaus Chris Sancin,’s cofounder, presents Harry’s Beach Bar owner and CEO Gregg Nicklaus with the 2015 TOP 10 Florida Beach Bar Award. Harry’s Beach Bar was voted the 5th best beach bar in all of Florida and is a 4 year Top 10 winner.

Harry’s Beach Party On Friday, June 26th, Harry”s Beach Bar was awarded its fourth Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award capturing the the number 5 spot for Florida’s best beach bar. Christine Sancin, co-owner of, presented the Top 10 award to Gregg Nicklaus, CEO and owner of Harry’s Beach Bar at The Sirata Hotel on St. Pete Beach.

This is the fourth year that Harry’s has won a Top 10 Award, a significant accomplishment in this year’s tight competition. The presentation was made at Harry’s in the recently remodeled outdoor bar area. Harry’s is now well protected against the late afternoon thunderstorms.

Music for the event was performed by Dakota, a popular Tampa Bay area based band that first came together in1996 in Tokyo, Japan. Howard Rogers incorporated the band while serving in the military at Yokota AB. The band started playing at 6:00 PM kicking off this fun awards party. Dakota opened with a B.B. King classic and kept us well entertained all evening.

Gregg Nicklaus accepted the award, but made sure to thank and congratulate all of the wait staff and management for their hard work all year long.

Harry’s Beach Bar is the oldest beach bar on St. Pete Beach. Harry’s knows how to please the beach bar loving crowd. Great food, cold drinks, and great staff. Harry’s is another beach bar we love! Thanks Harry’s.

  • Harry's StaffOwner Gregg Nicklaus acknowledges his management team and staff for their outstanding work and helping to make Harry’s a Top 10 Florida Beach Bar 4 years running.
  • DakotaDakota is a “wicked” good band from New Jersey, and they play all your favorite classic rock songs.
  • Niki and Julianne distributed Don Q rumNiki and Julianne distributed Don Q rum shots to the thirsty crowd. T-shirts were given to those who ordered drinks made with Don Q rum.
  • Anthony from Budweiser Anthony from Budweiser was busy handing out koozies and T-shirts. Cold beers were given to those willing to record their 2015 Summer Bucket List idea on his I-Pad in hopes of winning a free trip to Germany.
  • Shonee Chris Sancin and server Shonee posed for a picture to show off Shonee’s Florida beach bar hat and sunglasses. Florida Beach Bar handed out free hats and sunglasses to the party patrons.
  • Harry's crowdHarry’s has a spot reserved on the wall to add their 4th well deserved Top 10 Florida Beach Bar award. Well done, Harry’s.